Building 817

Things have calmed down in Salt Lake City after the events that took place several months ago. What happened? Nobody’s quite sure. All anybody knows is that for one night, almost all the teens in town went crazy and most don’t even remember it.

Things aren’t so calm for Conor Ferguson, though. He thought he had taken down the powerful Lindström Research and Development for their part in the night of mayhem that gripped the city. All he did was gain the attention of Vincent Lindström, the man at the head of the corporation, and his army of lawyers.

Now Conor, Carian, and Nathen must work for the man they tried to take down or their families will face the consequences of their actions. The drug at the heart of the mayhem has been stolen and they have to track it down before it falls into worse hands.

A new threat lies in wait for them, though. Something dark and sinister. Something that will tear the friends apart.

Building 817 is book 2 in Subject 624: Origins, a series of books that twists up the superhero genre with horror, humor, and science.