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A City in Shadow

Chronicles of Grayfist Book 1

There’s blood on his hands and stains on his sword. But he can’t keep them clean and still save his family.

Roryn Grayfist can no longer ignore the horror of his orders. When the metal-armed military man witnesses his superior heartlessly murder a mother and child, he breaks rank and deserts. Pursued back home by his former unit, he’s devastated to discover shadowy forces have abducted his loved ones.

Scouring the massive city of magic and crime for any sign, his only lead is in the hands of a sinister underground organization. But they won’t divulge what they know unless he becomes everything he hates by committing a royal kidnapping. And time may be running out on his fierce moral code, because one misstep could mean he’ll never see his kinfolk again…

Can Roryn recover his honor and clan before his head ends up on a pike?

A City in Shadow is the grim first book in The Chronicles of Grayfist epic fantasy series. If you like bloody combat, conflicts of conscience, and fascinating worlds, then you’ll love J Scott Ferrell’s harrowing adventure.

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