Dragon Cave Mountain

The Everstone Chronicles Book 1

ZooClaw FireWing doesn’t understand why he can’t fly or blow fire. All the other dragon younglings can. Tired of being bullied and picked on, he runs away from Dragon Cave Mountain. All this accomplishes is getting himself and his mother in trouble when she comes looking for him. A being of unimaginable dark magic captures her and ZooClaw finds myself alone. He must travel home to get help to free her.

Along the way, he meets a strange collection of creatures who offer to help him. LT, a tiger who’s a little too proud of his stripes. A strange little human girl named Lena and her friend, the giant cyclops, Tim. Lastly is Woody, a noisy wood elf who hides a secret of his own.

Together, Zookie (as he’s known to the others) and his new friends must race to stay ahead of an evil that tracks their every move. Fleeing danger at every turn, will Zookie make it home or will he bring ruin to the home of his dragon clan…

Dragon Cave Mountain.